I am a wife and mum of three beautiful kiddies Amelia, Elliot and my Step Daughter Paige.

Elliot calls it “mummy is going to take pictures” when I go to shoot a wedding or a portrait session, he tells me I don’t work because I am home with him most of the time (editing).

Honestly it never feels like work, I love my job! I love every little bit about being a wedding and portrait photographer. Meeting new faces every day, finding out such wonderful things about seemingly ordinary people.

As a photographer I have developed a many talents over the years; from telling the time from the position of the sun,
to knowing exactly when the groom is going to look down to try and fight back the tears after seeing
 his beautiful bride for the first time.

 I picked up my first camera in year 8 and have not looked back since. Photography took a hold of me,
 like that “O M G i need it” feeling you get when you see an adorable puppy in a pet shop window,
it’s safe to say i would be lost without a camera in my hand.

Hi i'm claire

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1 .I am the most positive person I know, everything happens for a reason so make the most out of what you have.

2. I am super organized and tidy; I have mild OCD which my friends find hilarious. They invite me over to watch me tidy.

3. I picked up my first camera in when I was 13 and I fell in love, everything about it, its clunky shutter. Oh it was love at first sight!

4. I enjoy almost every genre of music, yes I am that person at the traffic lights singing along to Taylor swift shake it off lol.

5. I love the outdoors, I have been known to swim under the odd waterfall, camera and all for the perfect shot… tom boy… maybe just a little.

Hi there, here is a bit about me.

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wedding and portrait photography

Tamborine Mountain, gold coast, AUSTRALIA

0412 712 529